BLM plans to systematically sterilize wild horses, murder thousands

BLM plans to systematically sterilize wild horses, murder thousands:

Once a principal sign of wealth and a primary form of travel, horses in the United States have gone from coveted assets to unnecessary burdens over the course of a single century. In fact, thanks to the Bureau of Land Management, horses are made to suffer outrageous treatment in the 21st century that would likely have spurred violent opposition once upon a time, especially in the Old West.

As reported by the Humane Society in a press release, an advisory panel to the BLM has recently recommended euthanasia for tens of thousands of wild horses and burros – as many as 45,000, to be exact – that are currently in government holding facilities. The reason? Because the masterminds at BLM have singular thought patterns when it comes to “managing” the country’s wild herds of horses and burros.

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Wild Horses Targeted For Roundup In Utah Rangeland Clash

Two of a band of wild horses graze in the Nephi Wash area outside Enterprise, Utah

Wild horses targeted for roundup in Utah rangeland clash (Reuters, April 12, 2014):

A Utah county, angry over the destruction of federal rangeland that ranchers use to graze cattle, has started a bid to round up federally protected wild horses it blames for the problem in the latest dustup over land management in the U.S. West.

Close to 2,000 wild horses are roaming southern Utah’s Iron County, well over the 300 the U.S. Bureau of Land Management has dubbed as appropriate for the rural area’s nine designated herd management zones, County Commissioner David Miller said.

County officials complain the burgeoning herd is destroying vegetation crucial to ranchers who pay to graze their cattle on the land, and who have already been asked to reduce their herds to cope with an anticipated drought.

Wild horse preservation groups say any attempt to remove the horses would be a federal crime.

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Fukushima Farmer Sees 16 Of 30 Horses Suddenly Die This Year


Prof. Yury Bandazhevsky: Over 50 Bq/Kg In Humans Leads To Irreversible Lesions In Vital Organs – CRIMINAL WHO And IAEA EXPOSED (Video)

Fukushima farmer sees 16 of his 30 horses die suddenly this year, mainly young ones — No disease, no parasitic worms, high cesium levels — “Daughter tried to commit suicide… Do you think it’s really okay with this situation in Japan?” (PHOTOS) (ENENews, Oct 27, 2013):

The Guardian, Oct. 27, 2013: For decades, the 62-year-old horse breeder [Tokue Hosokawa] barely registered that his farm was just 40 kilometres north-west of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. […] Like several other farmers in Fukushima, Hosokawa ignored a government order to exterminate all of his horses and cows. […] “Just after the accident one of the horses gave birth. When I saw that foal get to its feet and start feeding from its mother, I knew there was no way I could leave.” […] in January this year, he noticed that several among the 30 that remained, mainly foals, had become unsteady on their feet. […] Within weeks, 16 had died in mysterious circumstances. Autopsies on four of the horses found no evidence of disease and tests revealed caesium levels at 200 becquerels per kilo – four times higher than the government-set safety limit for agricultural produce, but not high enough to immediately threaten their health. […] “I’m worried that we’ll find more dead horses this winter.” […]

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US: Horses Starving To Death Because Of Sky-High Hay Prices

Some Horses Starving As Hay Prices Continue To Rise (CBS, Nov 12, 2012):

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) – Horses that have nearly starved to death has become a problem, and experts say it will only get worse as the cold days of winter move in.

Many horse owners say they just can’t afford to feed the animals because of sky-high hay prices, which are elevated due to the drought in Colorado and across the nation.

Drought conditions this year range from dry to exceptional for nearly every state west of the Missisippi River. That means less hay has been grown and prices are at three times the normal level.

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Texas: Horses Left To Die In Worst Ever Drought (Video)

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Abandoned and starving to death: Hundreds of skeletal horses left to die after worst ever drought ravages crops in Texas (Daily Mail, Dec. 5, 2011):

* Horses being sold for as little as $50 at auction

These are the distressing images of horses left by the side of the road after a year-long drought meant their owners could no longer afford to feed them.

After a year without rain in Texas, coupled with rocketing temperatures, crops have been sparse and the price of a bale of hay has doubled.

The effect on the horse population has been devastating. The number of animals being abandoned is ten times greater than in previous years, according to Richard Fincher of Safe Haven Equine Rescue in Gilmer, in east Texas.

Mr Fincher said: ‘We get 20 to 40 calls a week that horses are alongside the road and left; nobody’s claimed them. Sheriffs are calling us all the time.’

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Bareback Horse Riding Competition – Exceptional Horse Whisperer (Video)


Horse Whisperer

This girl riding the horse is in her 20’s – her dad just died 44 days before this performance. You can hear her dedication to him just before her performance so turn up your speakers a bit. Notice that it is just her and the horse – no bit, no saddle. She just uses signals and verbal cues, she’s mute. Oh yeah, this isn’t even her horse. She is training it for someone else,
although she obviously has a relationship with this one.

I don’t know how much you know about horseback riding, but when they go fast, her bum isn’t even bouncing off the horse like you will see. Don’t know how she did that.