Fukushima Diary Under Attack: PayPal Closes Account – One Year Living Expenses Lost

From the article:

“People say I should have moved money to the bank.

Easier said than done.

I thought I shouldn’t put too much money in the bank from looking at the financial crisis.”

One of my readers said, ”You were Assanged.”

 How Iori Mochizuki could have left so much money in his PayPal account is beyond me.

I hope he will recover somehow.

Wish I would get so many donations.

[Column] Paypal decided to close FD’s Paypal account for no reason, lost one year living expense / Was I Assanged ? (Fukushima Diary, May 8, 2014)


Fukushima Diary Invited For BBC Radio Program, Then Barred & Banned From Discussion

The reason why I published only one article today -Invited by BBC and given 0 sec to talk on the radio show (Fukushima Diary, Aug 21, 2013):

In the quiet morning of 8/21/2013, I was communicating with my readers on Twitter.

Suddenly a lady talked to me if I can be on BBC at 19:30 in JST.

After nearly 2 years blank, BBC and some other international media are coming back to cover Fukushima.
Since this morning, BBC has been featuring the latest leakage of 300m3 water.

I talked to her on the phone and we arranged the schedule. She was supposed to call me in 2 hours from that time.

She was nice and professional. She asked me what I think about the leakage. I answered this is only the beginning.
When she asked me if I trust what government says, I laughed and said obviously no. She asked me why.
I was “Because the government has been saying no meltdown, no meltout was going on. There is no short term health effect etc. Then last year, the chief cabinet secretary of Japan said they didn’t announce Fukushima was having meltdown because he thought everyone was already aware of it.”.

She said, “Sure.”.

It was the radio show “World Have Your Say [URL]“.
We had 30 mins. Japanese commentators found each other on Twitter and we waited for them to call me.
I was supposed to talk on the phone.

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