WHO Apologises For Claiming Half Of Greek HIV Infections Are Self-Inflicted


About 50% Of New Greek HIV Cases Are SELF-INFLICTED TO RECEIVE €700 Per Month Benefits


WHO apologises for claiming half of Greek HIV infections are self-inflicted (Guardian, Nov 26, 2013):

WHO blames ‘gross editing error’ for report claiming half of new cases are acquired deliberately by people trying to claim benefits

The World Health Organisation has apologised and blamed an “editing error” for claiming in a September report that half of the new HIV cases in Greece were acquired deliberately by people trying to claim government benefits.

In a correction issued on Tuesday, the WHO said the report should have read that “few” new cases of HIV are deliberate.

“This was just a gross editing error for which the WHO apologises,” said a WHO spokesman, Gregory Härtl.

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Greece Default ‘Virtually 100 Percent’ (Washington Post)

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Moody’s Downgrades Greek Credit Rating By Three Levels On Debt-Exchange Plan

Greece default ‘virtually 100 percent’ (Washington Post, July 25, 2011):

Moody’s Investors Service again downgraded Greece’s credit standing Monday, setting the stage for a likely declaration that the country is in default as a newly approved rescue plan moves forward.

In the first review by a ratings agency of the plan approved by European leaders last week, Moody’s cast doubt on the long-term impact on the conditions under which heavily indebted euro zone countries will be able to borrow money.

The ratings service said the plan does improve Greece’s financial prospects for the next few years and probably will stop the problems in that country from undermining confidence in weaker nations such as Ireland and Portugal — diminishing the risk that Europe’s financial troubles will spiral into a broader crisis.

But the fact that Greece is likely to default on one or more of its outstanding bonds sets a “negative precedent” that will diminish faith in other nations. Now that the 17-nation euro zone has shown it is open to a default, Moody’s said, it is more likely that other nations might try to follow suit.

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