What Exactly Are They Turning Us Into? (2018 – Video) – #SocialEngineering, #MindControl, #NWO

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1 thought on “What Exactly Are They Turning Us Into? (2018 – Video) – #SocialEngineering, #MindControl, #NWO”

  1. [I’ve not seen the video yet]
    This (Irlmaier-pretender tweet ending with words “until the Antichrist comes”) is a common misconception.

    Antichrist is already here, but is too large to be seen and understood, and it (not he, rather “they”) already rules the world, and every “king” president bows to it/them. It’s a misconception to wait for some person, whom all will recognize and agree to be an “Antichrist”, sitting like a medieval King on a throne with a headline “Antichrist the King of Evil”. It’s nothing as small and feeble as a “person”.

    And yet it is quite easy to be understood:
    Judas is Antichrist.
    Well, but “Judas” is just a mistranslation, in original it is Juda (Jude in german), very same as the tribe’s forefather and namesake (and archetype). Iscariot, meaning approximately “man adversaries”, or “adversaries of humans” – probably.

    The Judas, world zionist jewry, already betrayed Christians, bringing onto us Kalergi’s invasion of afro-arabs, they sold us for their Agenda ’30.

    Even “Zion” means “the Beast” from hebrew word ??? Zii H6728 “wild beast of the desert, that dwell in (inhabiting) the wilderness” or “a wild beast, desert-dweller, crier, yelper” http://biblehub.com/hebrew/6728.htm (Officially, Zion is H6724,H6725,H6726 “dryness, parched land or ground ” derived from H6723 ??? Zih “dryness, drought, desert” from an unused root meaning “to parch”, or 6725 without any justification and thereby wrongly “signpost, monument, market”, and 6726 “a mountain of Jerusalem”, but I’m convinced it is derived (as most hebrew words are derived from common roots and one can understand word’s meaning, even if it is not in dictionary verbatim), it is derived from Zii “wild beast”, well, because after all, Zionists really are that Beast, and most world rulers, mainly the western ones, already bow to them.)

    While the beast of Rev.13 is European Union, with exact heraldry of original constituting members, with Germany “the head” that was wounded but miraculously healed. With number 666 being written on every EAN code on every merchandise, having it written on forehead meaning “think foremost of merchandise”, with having it written on hand meaning “make others to think that way”. Which does not prevent, that many insane people are trying to further stylize some chips or other things to this archetype.

    And another thing too large to be seen or appreciated. The axis of countries, that defy this Beast, from east to west:
    Turkey – that only recently replaced failed Tripolitania (Libya) on this position.

    With CHina and Russia being the great peace-makers, with Iran being the spiritual and just side of Islam, with former Tripolitania (Libya) being the true (tribal) Democracy.
    This is the axis of ORDER, against the western liberal CHAOS.
    CHina is materialist order, Russia is christian order, Iran is islamic order, Syria is/was multi-cultural order (with Sunis and Shia and Christians living side-by-side in the land of Aram, which is Syria).
    (They are not all “christ”ian, actually I would not like to live in China at all, with it’s big-brother surveillance and technology-without-spirit orientation. It’s (this whole “axis”) just a great geo-political inscription over half of the planet, a mere coincidence, one may say.)

    Even Aram-gideon (Armageddon, Hewer of Aram, which is Syria. “Hewer” see H1439 Gideon, “Aram” H758 “the highland; Aram or Syria, and its inhabitants”) seems to be almost over, with most of the world fighting on that battlefield, directly or indirectly via mercenaries. (Har Megiddo, supposed to be Armageddon, is worthless ruins on some small hill near Gaza.). As it seems to be over does not mean, that it will not take some unexpected course.

    The gravest sin of ancient jews was rejecting and despising God’s path through Messiah Christ, finished by writing “the duplicate” Mishna (Talmud) pamphlet, and they were for it scattered arround the world as futile for further spiritual development of those times. And so they await to this day their Messiah, time by time proclaiming some insane rabbi as their Messiah. And they’ll going to wait forever, since that what was expected already came.
    (Actually, the whore of Rev.17 has written on her forehead: “Talemud (or “secret”) of Babel, the book (or “the great”), mother of harlots and abominations of the Earth”, if it is correctly backward translated to original aramaic or hebrew, with ????? taalumah H8587 “thing that is hid, secret” translated to greek as ????????? “mysterion”. Or it is just “Secret of Babylon…”? Having seven heads (G7) and ten apexes https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:36th_G8_summit_member_cropped_36th_G8_summit_member_20100625.jpg — count ten leaders. “And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven” – communist USSR or Jelcin’s Russia was also part the beast, but christian Putin’s Russia is not any more…)

    I’m little afraid (not really much), that christianity is going to await and possibly attract some other Armageddon (and judgement day) after this, forever… Since fruits, sent by God to humanity, are seldom those, that were expected beforehand.

    And your Irlmaier’s words? Purging Earth of this anti-christian evil? That’s nothing easy and I cannot imagine, how to split grain from husk without seriously harming both, or rather let’s say, that every possible solution seems to do more bad than good.


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