Grandparents forced to live in separate retirement homes are reunited after four years – Un amore cosi grande: Luciano Pavarotti (Video)

Un amore cosi grande.


Grandparents forced to live in separate retirement homes are reunited after four years:

This is the heartwarming moment an elderly couple are reunited after spending four years apart in different retirement homes.

According to the couple’s granddaughter, the pair are both 90 and have been married for 71 years.

The husband slowly enters his wife’s room in her retirement home in Oroville, California and can be heard saying: ‘You’re looking good honey.’

To which his wife replies: ‘I miss you. I’ve been waiting.’

The two then share a kiss.

According to their granddaughter, her father used to take his dad to see his wife in the nursing home in which she lived every Sunday. But when he became ill with cancer, the visits gradually stopped.

The granddaughter said: ‘Since my father’s passing, my sisters and I, along with my oldest niece, stepped in and moved my grandfather to live with family across the country and we have been working since January to get grandma moved as well.’

She said that her grandparents were finally reunited over the weekend and ‘will be living in a great nursing home together now.’

She added that her grandfather has dementia but ‘one thing he knows for certain is his wife. He lights up when he speaks of her like it’s his first time with a crush. Now they can be together again and live the rest of their lives together, the way it should have been this whole time.’

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