US Illegal Occupation Troops Protect ISIS & Al-CIAda In Syria, Kill 100 Syrian Troops – #WW3

Syrian firefight: US combat aircraft, troops repel surprise attack against rebel base:

Strike aircraft, gunships and artillery have destroyed Russian-built tanks and killed 100 Syrian troops in a three-hour battle to save a rebel base.

THE war in Syria is entering a deadly new phase.

A three-hour battle between Syrian government backed troops and US-led Coalition forces has reportedly left more than 100 Syrian troops dead.

The Syrian forces reportedly had attempted a co-ordinated attack on a rebel headquarters involving 500 troops, Russian-made T-72 and T-55 tanks, howitzers and multiple-launch rocket systems.

H/t reader kevin a:

“Rebel base”??

Brought to you by Reuters, i.e. Lord Rothschild…

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