World Bank Chief Says Cryptocurrencies Are “Ponzi Schemes”


World Bank Chief Says Cryptocurrencies Are “Ponzi Schemes”:

“In terms of using Bitcoin or some of the cryptocurrencies, we are also looking at it, but I’m told the vast majority of cryptocurrencies are basically Ponzi schemes…”

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3 thoughts on “World Bank Chief Says Cryptocurrencies Are “Ponzi Schemes””

  1. Seems the negative waves towards Cryptos is emanating from the Zionist bankster disinfo propaganda, as more and more countries worldwide see a way out of the debt based Zionist FIAT system, by linking their currency to one cryptocurrency or another.
    The continuously developing encrypting process of the blockchain seems unbeatable, the only weakness being the security of the trading house.
    Once that is fettled the banksters will be looking at their end.


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