PM Viktor Orban: ‘Hungary Is Not an Immigrant Country and Does Not Want to Become One’

PM Viktor Orban: ‘Hungary Is Not an Immigrant Country and Does Not Want to Become One’:

Viktor Orbán, Hungary’s redoubtable Prime Minister, has made it clear that Hungary has no intention of caving into pressures from the European Union (EU) to become an “immigrant country,” in a new letter to Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission.

In his September 6 letter, Orbán tells Mr. Juncker that unlike other European nations, “Hungary is not an immigrant country, does not want to become an immigrant country and cannot accept being forced to change this.”

Whereas other European nations have become immigrant countries due to obligations stemming from their colonial legacy, Hungary “has no colonial past” and thus feels no such obligation toward nations it has tried to dominate, he said.

France, for example, held territories in enormous geographical areas throughout Africa comprising over a dozen countries. Some of their local currencies are still directly linked to the French Central Bank.

In his letter, Orbán takes issue with Juncker’s definition of solidarity, saying that the transformation of Hungary into an immigrant country against the will of Hungarian citizens, “is not solidarity” but “violence.”

The prime minister also expressed his consternation with the European Commission’s unwillingness to aid Hungary in defending Europe’s borders.

“I was stunned and puzzled to read that you and the European Commission refuse to provide funds for the fence,” Orbán writes. “I am convinced that those who do not support the fence cannot and do not want to protect the citizens of the European Union.”

Mr. Orbán went on to question the effectiveness of current immigration strategies of the EU, suggesting that present policies seem aimed at encouraging mass migration rather than reducing it.

“If instead of defending our borders, the European Commission is willing to finance solely measures and organisations that aim to facilitate the admission of migrants, then we will only give incentives to hundreds of thousands of migrants who wish to move to Europe, instead of curbing migration,” he said.

Earlier this summer, the prime minister asserted that the EU has adopted migration plans drafted by left-wing billionaire George Soros to bring in a million migrants per year, which militates against Europe’s best interests. Soros has proposed the creation of an EU immigration authority to remove the responsibility for immigration from individual EU Member States, he said.

Not long afterward, Italian media exposed a Soros-sponsored “Immigration Network” in Italy by tracing the provenance of pro-immigration funding back to dozens of organizations financed by Soros’ Open Society. Journalist Luca Donadel uncovered direct ties to Soros money in a web of 41 different groups linked to immigration.

According to Orbán, many European leaders agree with Hungary’s policy on migration but are afraid to say so publicly.

He also said that due to the recent surge of migration into Italy, the southern European nation may soon join Hungary and others in looking to secure their national borders.

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