Venezuela Claims It “Crushed” A Military Rebellion

Venezuela Claims It “Crushed” A Military Rebellion:

Venezuelan authorities claim to have crushed an attempted “military rebellion” near the central city of Valencia, a government official said. In a video released on Sunday, a man who identified himself as a former National Guard captain said: “We demand the immediate formation of a transition government.” He was flanked by about a dozen men in military uniforms.

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5 thoughts on “Venezuela Claims It “Crushed” A Military Rebellion”

  1. And again. The cabal don’t ever allow the country in their sights to distribute the fruits to the population. The wealth never filters down to the ordinary man and woman, because the yid bankster cabal want it for themselves and their cronies, so American CIA coordinates disruption opening the gates for invasion as necessary.
    Iraq, Iran when it was Persia, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Ecuador, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, This time it is Venezuela.

  2. Has ZERO HEDGE been compromised?
    It was a worthy leader of Alt News anti establishment exposure, but after the deep state Hillary/Trump “Russia” issue, where the shadow government have relentlessly gone for the Alt News genre, both financially and subvertly, I am thinking that Zero Hedge, being a prime target & source, just might be under the microscope and this could be why they seem to be towing the official line.


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