Sharia UK: Burger vendor taken to court, fined for “hate speech” for criticizing Islam

Sharia UK: Burger vendor taken to court, fined for “hate speech” for criticizing Islam:

He wouldn’t serve a customer after disagreeing with him about Islam. That was a bit rude, but then the customer who was refused service “reported him to the police for ‘hate speech’ and Mr Gardiner found himself before a court for the first time in his life.”

That is police state behavior, with people turning in others to the authorities for ideological deviance, perhaps hoping to curry favor by doing so. Piers Palmer will soon be living in the Britain he has chosen and that he wants, and by then he may regret the course of action he has taken, but at that point it will be far too late.

The freedom of speech is dead in Britain. It is illegal to hold critical views of Islam or Muslims. If Jim Gardiner had criticized Christianity and Christians, and refused service to a Christian, he might have been justly criticized for doing so, but he never would have been fined for “hate speech.”

Britain is finished.

“Anti-Islamic burger van owner, from Stanley, County Durham, taken to court for refusing to sell sausage sandwich to customer who didn’t share his views,” by Tony Kearney, Northern Echo, July 12, 2017:

A BURGER van owner has been prosecuted for refusing to serve a sausage sandwich to a customer who argued against his anti-Islamic views.

Retired merchant seaman Jim Gardiner, 73, began chatting to landscape gardener Piers Palmer, 46, at the Ship’s Galley burger van he runs near the M6….

When Mr Gardiner, originally from Craghead, near Stanley, in County Durham produced some laminated anti-Islamic literature from beneath his sauce bottles, Mr Palmer refused to read it.

At that point the angry burger vendor refused to make his sausage sandwich and bluntly told his customer to “do one.”

A furious Mr Palmer reported him to the police for “hate speech” and Mr Gardiner found himself before a court for the first time in his life….

Mr Palmer told the court: “He said it was the Muslims and Pakistanis in Manchester and London who were the real problem, and not people like us.

“I was completely gobsmacked because I’d only asked for a sausage sandwich. I didn’t know how we’d got on to Muslims and Pakistanis.”

He said Gardiner spoke about Muslim “no-go” zones in Manchester and he had challenged this, saying it was an urban myth.

“I didn’t want to talk about it – I just wanted to eat my lunch,” said Mr Palmer.

He described how the pensioner lifted some sauce bottles and handed him some laminated sheets of paper, saying: “Read this if you want to educate yourself.”

When Mr Palmer refused, Gardiner told him: “Then you’re in the wrong place if you want food from me. Do one!”

The court heard that in his police interview, Gardiner told officers:” Muslims are taking over and that they hate Christians.”

Asked what he would do if a Muslim came to his burger van, he replied: “I’d give them a bacon butty and laugh.”

Asked if he had strong views about Muslims, he replied: “I have strong views about Islam.”

Gardiner was fined £127 and ordered to pay costs and compensation of £700.

H/t reader kevin a.

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