Microsoft recommends you ignore Microsoft-recommended update

Microsoft recommends you ignore Microsoft-recommended update:

Left hand quits trying to meet right hand, waves at customers saying ‘don’t break Skype’

Earlier this month, Microsoft gave the world .NET Framework 4.7 and urged users to install it for the usual reasons: more fun bits to play with and a security improvements.

But two days later the company urged Exchange users not to install it ASAP, because it hadn’t validated it yet. Last Friday – 10 days after the launch of the new code – it reminded users of Lync and Skype for Business not to install it either.

The original advice came on June 13, the same day as .NET Framework 4.7 landed in Windows Update with the “Recommended” tag.

Redmond’s Exchange Team needed treatment for chronic eyeroll, writing: “We are in the process of validating Exchange Server on the .NET Framework 4.7, but the work is not yet complete”.

While that validation is happening, “please delay this particular .NET update on your Exchange servers”.

For users who followed Microsoft’s recommendation to install .NET Framework 4.7, the page recommending not to use it with Exchange has instructions to roll it back.

H/t reader squodgy:

“At least Microsoft is consistent.

As a former XP lover, they regularly screwed my PC up with wmv updates which crashed my system.

So here we are again.”

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