Alex Jones Gets Jump On Megyn Kelly – Leaks Recordings “To Set The Record Straight”

Alex Jones Gets Jump On Megyn Kelly – Leaks Recordings “To Set The Record Straight”: 

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After NBC’s Megyn Kelly lied to Alex Jones about the scope and purpose of an upcoming Father’s Day airing of his sit-down interview for Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly, the Infowars host set the record straight on Thursday night – preempting Kelly’s segment with ‘leaked’ recordings of their conversations before she could smear Jones on Sunday.

The Setup

As Jones and Kelly began to discuss the details of the NBC interview, Kelly played the part of earnest lawyer turned plucky journalist – batting her eyelashes and insisting her new show was about profiling ‘interesting people’ so the public can get to know them better.

I’m trying to create a different kind of program. I’ll ask you about some of the controversies, of course, and you’ll say what you want to say. But it’s not going to be some ‘gotcha’ hit-piece, I promise you that.

I just want to talk about you. I want people to know you.

Of course I’m going to do a fair interview – I’m going to be me, you know, I’m not going to go out there and be a Barbara Walters… you just trust me.

-Megyn Kelly


In a highly edited promo released ahead of Sunday’s airing, Kelly made it clear that she was gunning for Jones, and was about to twist the Infowars host’s coverage of the Sandy Hook massacre into the centerpiece of an attempt at character assassination. In response to Kelly’s promo, both Alex Jones and the families of Sandy Hook victims urged Kelly to scrap the interview, while JP Morgan and other advertisers pulled spots scheduled to air during the segment.

Kelly has instead defended the interview, issuing an inflammatory statement that Jones’ ‘Sandy Hook hoax claim’ is ‘revolting.’ In fact, the New York Post reports that Kelly has doubled down and ‘completely overhauled’ the interview, re-editing it to be ‘tougher’ on Jones and inviting Sandy Hook families on the program.

Preemptive Strike

When Jones suspected the interview might be a hit-job, he began recording conversations with Kelly – and to that end, released a 30 minute video on Thursday night featuring a behind the scenes look at their pre-interview encounter and provides context to Jones’ claims.

Megyn Kelly waltzed in here in Austin, Texas, and told me that she wasn’t going to talk about Sandy Hook, she wasn’t going to talk about Pizzagate, she wasn’t going to talk about Chobani, she wasn’t going to talk about Islamic terror attacks – that she wanted to do a softball profile of Alex Jones. And when she got here with her crew of intelligence operatives, she did the opposite of what she said. And so I was recording the whole time.

Jones proceeds to set the record straight on a number of issues…

Sandy Hook

“She didn’t show in her promo video that I said I believe Sandy Hook happened and that I had war gamed the three views – that criminal groups went in and killed the kids, or it happened as they officially said, or they use actors.”

Iraq War Lies

“We saw in 1990 our congress being lied to by the daughter of the head of a PR firm about Saddam Hussein’s soldiers killing hundreds of babies – bashing their brains out. It’s not that Saddam was a good guy…. We were lied to with propaganda that they admittedly came out and told us was a fraud later.”

Misquoting Jones on Pizzagate

Alex lays out how the MSM edited and ran with an incomplete statement of his that Hillary Clinton “personally murdered and chopped up and raped” children. The MSM twisted this into an accusation of Clinton’s involvement in the pizzagate controversy, however what the MSM left out was second part of that statement in which the Infowars host makes clear he’s talking about Clinton’s foreign policy decisions as Secretary of State resulting in the massacre of Christians at the hands of terrorists.

Also discussed are Alex’s Custody Battle, Kelly’s overt schmoozing, and the total media circus that’s erupted out of the entire affair.

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