Reader squodgy:

“The “official” price of gold for the past 6 months has been held at roughly $1250/oz.

We morons are told the London Bullion Market (Rothschilds) decide every working day at 0600 what to value it at, presumably based on supply & demand. (At least in THEORY)

So, why is it that if Joe BigMac wanted to buy a 1oz American Eagle Gold Coin, he would be forced to fork out at least an extra $500 or 40% above the official price.

The question is rhetorical, we all know the Comex & London are keeping the price down to hide the fact that the 100 year old Fractional Reserve Banking system, which removed itself from the Gold Standard in 1972, and has been used to create so much unfunded debt that benefits Banksters only, is unsustainable and MUST either reset or collapse.

We all know too that as those with a brain and digital savings set to evaporate, plus solvent Governments Worldwide, have been clamouring for Gold Bullion for at least 5 years, knowing the USD with no gold backing cannot survive.

The proof is in the OPEN MARKET PRICING, which looks to have jumped 40% in the last six months.”

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