Germany: Small Town Attack: ‘African, Arab’ Men Use Stolen Tools to Terrorise Locals – #MigrantCrisis

Small Town Attack: ‘African, Arab’ Men Use Stolen Tools to Terrorise Locals:

Police in the small German town of Bad Sobernheim have reported a group of men described as being “African or Arabic origin” who broke into a construction site, stole tools, and used them to attack locals.

The attack, which was reported to have taken place over the weekend of the 25th of March saw a gang of migrants roam around the small town which has a population of only six and a half thousand and attack passers-by.

Police say that the men had broken into a construction site in the town earlier that evening, stealing various tools which they used to torment the people in the town according to a press release from the force.

Witnesses to the rampage said the gang numbered between five to seven people who attacked three individuals at around midnight on Sunday morning. Police say that the men were armed with various “striking tools” though did not specify what exact tools they used to attack the residents.

The victims of the attack were able to run into a nearby restaurant where they hid from the gang. Shortly afterwards the migrants fled the area, but not before damaging a street sign.

Those attacked all described the gang as “persons of African or Arabic origin” police said. Only one person was injured in the attack and authorities have yet to determine a motive.

None of the males who participated in the incident have been caught or arrested by police so far and authorities have reached out to the public to help them identify those responsible for the violence.

Many migrants settled in Germany during the migrant crisis have been placed in small towns of only a few thousand residents or less over the last year and a half to relieve pressure on the nation’s larger cities.

One of the more significant problems for small towns has been the cost of taking care of migrants and many municipalities are expected to go into debt because of the migrant crisis. In one town a migrant home designed for 500 migrants is costing the local government 500,000 euros per month, despite only 21 migrants living there.

In one small town, residents attempted to lay out some ground rules for the new arrivals which included learning German, not harassing girls and exclusively using toilets for defecation. The town residents were labelled as racist for writing up the guidelines by others in Germany.

Other areas have reacted negatively to attempts by politicians to bring large amounts of migrants into their towns. One politician in Oersdorf was violently assaulted for trying to encourage large amounts of migrants to be housed there.

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