AND NOW: Sweden: Man charged with assault for eating bacon too close to Muslim women – #Muslims, #Islam

Sweden: Man charged with assault for eating bacon too close to Muslim women:

Sweden has succumbed to dhimmitude. Muslim migrants raping infidel women is becoming the norm, while eating bacon too close to Muslims can land you in court. It was bad enough that Sweden is the rape capital of the West and that Islamic enclaves and no-go zones terrify police so much that 80 percent of them are considering quitting their jobs. But now, a Swedish man is facing prosecution for eating bacon too close to Muslim women. Although he allegedly was behaving provocatively by following the women with the bacon, his deeds do not justify him being rounded up like a criminal and prosecuted when crimes are being committed by Muslims all over Sweden with impunity. Those crimes will become more common, because the West has been slowly surrendering over time to Sharia.

Reaction to the incident on social media has been a mix of laughter and disbelief amongst English language users.

Yet there is no indication that Swedish authorities are backing down.

Swedish Man Prosecuted for Assaulting Muslims with Bacon”, by Chris Tomlinson, Breitbart, March 28, 2017:

A Swedish man is facing charges in court after being accused of eating bacon too closely to a group of veiled Muslim women and calling them derogatory names.

The incident occurred in the Swedish capital of Stockholm over the weekend. The Swedish man, who has not been named by media or the police, is said to have approached the Muslim women who were wearing Islamic veils on a train while he was eating bacon and dangled the bacon in front of their faces, Swedish broadcaster SVT reports.

According to the report, the women got up to find seating elsewhere and the man followed them with his bacon. He is alleged to have called them derogatory names and made racist comments, though neither the police nor the court has specified what was said during the incident.

The prosecutors allege he then used racial epithets on another woman in the train station after getting off the train. He faces charges of incitement to racial hatred.

Reaction to the incident on social media has been a mix of laughter and disbelief amongst English language users. Twitter user PeterSweden tweeted his disbelief at the charges saying: “What’s the next step, being racist for walking your dog?”

What’s the next step ?

Being racist for walking your dog ?

— PeterSweden (@PeterSweden7) March 26, 2017

Other users found humour in the story posting various reaction images involving Islamic extremism and bacon. Many criticised the policies of the Swedish government and political correctness.

This insanity is made possible by so called “politic correctness” which creates an non liveable situation for nativs! ὢ

— Jo Ker #Nexit (@JoKer33817736) March 26, 2017

However, the reaction to the article from Swedish speakers was different. On Facebook, one Swedish speaker wrote: “I hope I never see this. I will make him eat the bacon raw the f**k up!”

The sentiment was shared by another Swedish speaker who posted: “In what way do they really think that it would be okay to shove food in the face of someone you don’t know?” and added: “Grown men. Shame on you.”

The case is not the first time bacon misuse has led to prosecutions for hate crimes. In the UK last year, two Polish men were jailed for throwing bacon inside a London mosque. The pair were charged with a “racially motivated attack” when one of the men swore at a Muslim man and threw bacon at him.

In Bristol last year, police were also alerted to another potential hate crime after several people threw bacon sandwiches at the entrance of a local mosque…..

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