Stephen Lendman: Amnesty International Fake News

Amnesty International Fake News:

AI is on the wrong side of the Syrian conflict, its reports sounding like US and scoundrel media propaganda.

Its 1915-16 annual report on Syria was a litany of misinformation and Big Lies, claiming “(g)overnment forces and non-state armed groups committed war crimes, other violations of international humanitarian law and gross human rights abuses with impunity in the internal armed conflict.”

“Government forces carried out indiscriminate attacks and attacks that directly targeted civilians, including bombardment of civilian residential areas and medical facilities with artillery, mortars, barrel bombs and, reportedly, chemical agents, unlawfully killing civilians.”

“Government forces also enforced lengthy sieges, trapping civilians and depriving them of food, medical care and other necessities.”

“Security forces arbitrarily arrested and continued to detain thousands, including peaceful activists, human rights defenders, media and humanitarian workers, and children.”

“Non-state armed groups that controlled some areas and contested others indiscriminately shelled and besieged predominantly civilian areas.”

AI outrageously accused Russia of killing “hundreds of civilians…” It paid lip service to ISIS atrocities and US warplanes killing noncombatants.

Nothing in its report about Obama’s war – naked aggression. Nothing about Syria invaded by thousands of US-supported terrorists. Nothing explaining all anti-government forces are terrorists – massacring civilians, some caught red-handed using chemical weapons, virtually all committing atrocities.

Nothing about so-called White Helmets allied with terrorist groups, complicit with their high crimes. Nothing about US imperial lawlessness, responsible for raping Syria and many other countries.

AI’s report on “human slaughterhouse…extermination(s)” at Syria’s Saydnaya prison lacks any corroborating evidence – the identifying feature of fake news.

Claims without proof are groundless. Citing unnamed former prison personnel and alleged detainee witnesses, AI estimates between 5,000 and 13,000 prisoners “extrajudicially executed from September 2011 to December 2015.”

Its so-called information is secondhand, obtained outside the country by telephone interviews or cross-border in Turkey from individuals identified as opposing Syria’s government, giving them good reason to lie, now living outside its borders.

AI relied on anti-Syria NGOs for names of individuals to interview. If presented in a judicial proceeding as so-called evidence of government crimes, its undocumented report would be thrown out of court straightaway.

It’s shameful fake news with no credibility whatever – blaming Syria for high crimes committed against its nation-state and people.

H/t reader squodgy:

“More evidence A.I. is nothing but a Zionist disinfo conduit to trigger emotional response.”

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