Footage: Violent serial rapist on trial in Sweden

Footage: Violent serial rapist on trial in Sweden:

In Sweden, a 21-year-old man has been charged with a series of aggravated rapes, attempted rapes, robberies, and other violence against women and girls. The suspect, who is not named in detail but appears to be of non-Swedish descent, attacked five victims outdoors in the capital city of Stockholm, after spotting and contacting them in the subway.

The first attack the man has been charged with took place on October 29 last year in Kungsholmen, which is an island in Lake Mälaren in central Stockholm, Aftonbladet (see video) reports. He beat and kicked the victim, grabbing her by the throat and pulling out large tufts of hair, while he tried to rape her in a schoolyard. The man also tore apart the woman’s clothes and threatened to kill her. Nevertheless, the victim managed to escape the attempted rape.

In the beginning of November, the man who is currently on trial attacked 4 girls and women in Sweden’s capital. Some of the assaults happened within just 15 minutes of one another. One of the victims was raped in the Hagersten district after the defendant had followed her from the subway. The suspect was arrested later that night in the city’s metro system.

Just a few days ago, Daily Expressen reported on a similar case in Stockholm, where a serial rapist attacked 5 girls and women shortly after being sentenced in September for an array of assaults in the city of Malmö. In fact, many parts of Stockholm or even Sweden seem to be gradually turning into no-go zones for woman and girls, who are relentlessly being preyed upon by migrants, usually from Africa or Arab countries.

Recently, Sweden has – sometimes even literally – witnessed gang rapes, and sexual attacks on minors. Girls and women are being knifed in the streets where they are fighting off rapists. The local authorities don’t even see the need to revoke the taxi license of a serial rapist, making it possible for the man to molest more victims. Meanwhile, Stockholm police are busy mocking crime victims, with judges forbidding the deportation of foreign gang rapists and a government that obstructs studying the relation between migration and crime.

The apparent security crisis has made voters turn to the right-wing Sweden Democrats, a political party that has recently become more acceptable after being surrounded by a cordon sanitaire for years.

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