Expectant Mothers Sent From Sweden Amid Migrant-Propelled Baby Boom

Expectant Mothers Sent From Sweden Amid Migrant-Propelled Baby Boom:

Sweden, which like its Nordic peers has suffered from insufficient fertility rates for decades, is expected to experience a baby boom following the country’s “open doors” policy. Due the unforeseen lack of facilities, expectant mothers are being sent to neighboring Finland to deliver their babies.
According to the Swedish daily Dagens Nyheter, Sweden, which takes pride in its state-funded medical care system and Europe’s longest maternity leaves, has recently witnessed a nationwide shortage of facilities to care for prematurely born babies. In December alone, the country sent three families to the city of Turku in southwest Finland to give birth, due to a lack of services. At present, only six university hospitals in Sweden possess the necessary facilities, and they are being overloaded.
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