2 thoughts on “Bitcoin Nears Parity With Gold”

  1. I’m sorry, despite trying to take this on board, my inner fears of an intangible , digital and seemingly technically pilferable means of wealth leaves me feeling uneasy.
    I wish I could be convinced because everything else looks even worse.

    • To squodgy,

      I do not trust trust bitcoin one bit.

      I am still totally convinced that only physical gold and silver are the only real financial investment that will protect your financial assets from what is coming and everything else will turn out to be an illusion, while in the short-term bitcoin may skyrocket.

      In my opinion, bitcoin will “disappear” into thin air during the coming greatest financial collapse in known world history, when the system will go down.

      I find it ironic, that those who are warning about the NWO started to be even more enthusiastic about bitcoin, when Bilderberg Peter Thiel started to support bitcoin.

      I’d see that as a warning sign.

      I really hope for all those bitcoin enthusiasts that I will be proven wrong about this.

      Yet, all the physical gold and silver money can buy is worth nothing without general preparedness, i.e. food for a looong time, water, survival gear, etc.


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