Today 1.5 Million Chinese Candidates Compete For 20,700 Civil Service Jobs

Today 1.5 Million Chinese Candidates Compete For 20,700 Civil Service Jobs:

It’s that time of year when over million Chinese citizens line up to take The Guokao, China’s national civil service exam, which took place on Sunday, November 27. This year, the competition reached a record of 1.48 million people competing for some of the most coveted jobs in China. For some positions, there is only 1 place available for 10,000 participants.

As CRI reports, on Sunday morning, China’s national civil service exam started nationwide. The civil service exam is China’s way of enrolling government employees and a large number of people are attracted to the positions each year. This year, more than 1.48 million people compete for about 20,700 posts. On average, 55 people try out for one post.  Many people, however, don’t make it through the exam: between 2014 and 2016 more than 400,000 people quit the exam.

According to Peng Zhongbao, an official at the State Administration of Civil Service, every year there are about 1 million people who take the exam. He adds that the most sought after position this year is reception specialist for the central office of the China Democratic League. Only one position is available, with 9,837 people applying for it.

According to CRI, this year’s exam will enforce the strictest rules. Candidates caught cheating will be deprived of the right to re-take the exam for five years or more. If candidates are involved in organized cheating, this will be the last time they will be able to take the exam.

Peng Zhongbao said experienced teachers are dispersed throughout the rooms to oversee the performance along “with a great deal of high tech equipment monitoring the environment.”

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