AND NOW: The Met Office can now predict winter weather one year in advance

The Met Office can now predict winter weather one year in advance:

The Met Office has shown it can predict the weather one year in advance with its new £97 million supercomputer.

Scientists believe they can now forecast with some accuracy the North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) weather phenomenon in the Atlantic Ocean which largely governs the British winter.

The phenomenon forms because of low-pressure over Iceland and high pressure over the Azores in the Atlantic.

A large pressure difference brings increased westerly winds, cool summers and mild, rainy winters. In contrast when the difference is small there are fewer winds and Britain shivers in a big freeze during the winter months.

H/t reader squodgy:

What a load of bollocks.

Ten years ago we got a pretty accurate weekly forecast in UK, enabling us to make plans.

Then the chemtrails started and the term “partly cloudy” or “some sunshine” took on new meaning, and the HAARP started pushing the Jetstream up or down, causing weather extremes…….the meteorologists couldn’t be sure of their predictions because the Rothschild funded (just think about that….who else could be paying for all that continuous aerosol, planes, pilots & fuel?) chemtrail campaign screwed up the weather pattern, in the guise of “Protecting us from Global Warming….oh sorry, the new name is Climate Change..

Now they can’t get it right 24 hours away.
There are still some dumbos who haven’t noticed what’s going on, but most are aware, but they haven’t bothered to join all the dots yet….

sunlight deficiency = vitamin D deficiency & crop shortages = disease & starvation.

aerosol clouds of mainly Aluminium (or as some call it Alooominum) are known to be precursers of Dementure and feature in all analyses of Alzheimer’s Disease. Similarly, fluoride causes stupidity & kills sperm, and all of USA mains water is at max permitted Fluoride levels….including beer!

Despite the plan being in full public show at the Georgia GuideStones, Joe Public still hasn’t seen it, a covert, relentless, Kissinger driven cull on the useless eaters of the western world, whilst they kill and maim the rest.

All that’s left to introduce is the PANDEMIC, AIDS, Bird Flu, Ebola & Zika, all being quietly mutated to fatal levels. It’s all designed to creep up on us in increments.

* * *

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