Caught On Tape: Massive Storm Surge From Hurricane Matthew Leaves Millions Without Power

Caught On Tape: Massive Storm Surge From Hurricane Matthew Leaves Millions Without Power:

Hurricane Matthew has remained offshore, for the most part, as it has advanced up the eastern coast of Florida preventing a “worst-case” scenario in terms of damage.  While the storm surge has been significant, only 1 person has died in the U.S. so far while as many as 1 million have lost power, according to ABC.

The storm surge and loss of power has been significant:

As Governor Rick Scott pointed out this morning, Florida was spared a direct hit from Hurricane Matthew with “no reports of significant damage” but warned residents to remain cautious.   

The governor said on “GMA,” “We’ve been blessed that we haven’t had a direct hit,” however “with the hurricane force winds we’re going to see a lot of storm surge.”

Scott told reporters later this morning so far there is “no reports of significant damage.”

Scott said, even though the storm has passed half the state, “this is not over” and the storm “still has time to make a direct hit.”

Scott had urged coastal residents to move to safe ground Thursday, warning, “This storm will kill you.”


A video posted by Holly Firfer Arnold (@hfirfer) on Oct 7, 2016 at 8:19am PDT

Per Reuters, Hurricane Matthew’s trail of destruction in Haiti stunned those emerging from the aftermath on Friday, with the number of dead soaring to 842, tens of thousands homeless and outbreaks of cholera already claiming more lives.  61,500 people were in shelters, the agency said.

At this point, Hurricane Matthew has been downgraded to a Cat 3 storm with maximum sustained winds of 115 mph.  The eye of the storm is currently just east of Jacksonville, Florida.  The latest track from the National Hurricane Center (NHC) still has the storm moving along the east coast through the weekend before turning east and heading back out to sea on Sunday.  The storm is expected to weaken throughout the weekend and be downgraded to a tropical storm by Sunday morning.  The storm surge in Florida reached 11 feet in certain areas though the current NHC forecast calls for a 4-6 foot surge in South Carolina.


Here is some additional footage of the damage experienced so far in Florida:

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