Hungary’s Orbán Says EU ‘Destroying’ Europe Days Before Migrant Quota Referendum

Hungary’s Orbán Says EU ‘Destroying’ Europe Days Before Migrant Quota Referendum:

The European Union (EU) is “destroying” the continent by forcing member states to accept mass Muslim immigration with quotas, the Hungarian Prime Minister has warned days before his nation holds a referendum on the policy.

In Viktor Orbán’s typically forthright style, the right-wing leader insisted left-wing cultural relativism and Islam is creating segregated societies and parallel legal systems. He stated that European peoples have a right to preserve their way of life.

“The uncontrolled influx destroys Europe and it doesn’t even help the migrants. It’s better for everyone to stay in their own territory,” he blasted, the Express reports.

“We are not here to solve the migration problem, but a historical one. We, Europeans, Hungarians, Christians, have to describe our attitude towards immigration.”

Brussels is demanding the forced relocation of 160,000 recently-arrived migrants within the EU, threatening to fine member states €250,000 for each person that states refuse to settle.

Mr. Orbán recently praised the Brexit vote and is now urging his people to vote against the quota plan in a referendum on the 2nd of October, so he can present the “the views of the people” as he fights the policy in Brussels.

Ha engedünk Brüsszelnek, megváltozik Magyarország // If we give in to Brussels, Hungary will change.

Posted by Orbán Viktor on Tuesday, 27 September 2016

In his speech, Mr. Orbán singled out German Chancellor Angela Merkel and eurocrats for encouraging more than a million people to come from the Middle East last year, before directly addressing the unfashionable issues of culture and integration.

He said: “If we let this idea rule that will destroy Europe, and its culture and economic system too. And we don’t help those who left their home countries. And those who stay are also losing with this attitude.

“I don’t even want to think about the integration of Muslim people in Europe. The most we could hope for is a peaceful life next to each other, which is called a parallel society.”

He also spoke frankly about Islam, which is likely to provoke outrage in Brussels and the liberal press. When he made similar comments in June, the Guardian labelled his address a “‘Rivers of Blood’ speech”.

“I understand that [Muslims] trust their own religion more, and furthermore, I accept they have the right to live by different standards, but they don’t have to come here to do just that,” he said.

Adding: “If we don’t tie the migrants to a certain spot, they will soon go to another place where they hope for a better future. I don’t even want to envisage a Hungary which accepts migrants, just obeying the will of Brussels.”

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