YouTube Heroes?! ALERT – #YoutubeOnSTRIKE ! 1 week of NO videos! THANKSGIVING 2016 (Video)

Sep 24, 2016

If you’re a video maker on youtube, plan for an organized STRIKE on Thanksgiving 2016 in response to the outrageous “Youtube Heroes” issue.

#YoutubeOnSTRIKE November 24th.

As videomakers, our livelihoods are now going to be threatened by anonymous NON-GOOGLE EMPLOYEES who can randomly “sign up” to be “moderators”, and who are rewarded for flagging videos down, in a new program called “youtube heroes” put out by Google / Youtube.

Yes, people are going to be rewarded for mass flagging videos they find objectionable.

All someone would have to do , if they’re a troll, would be play nice for a few months as you’re rewarded, then once you get mass flagging ability, go take down channels you don’t like after that.

What are the CONSEQUENCES for the flaggers if they abuse the system? How can we stop them from deleting comments below our videos? How can we dispute ? Who do we sue when we are unjustly shut off?

It is the right time for a well organized YOUTUBE STRIKE! Time to stop making videos for at least 1 week to send a message.

Starting November 24, 2016 (thanksgiving day) for 1 week .. NO VIDEO MAKING IS TO BE DONE! Start saving your money now so you can afford to take at least 1 week off.

On November 24th, change your banner graphic to say “on strike” and don’t post anything for at least 1 week.

Make a RE video to this video and list your demands , tell youtube what you think, and use this hashtag #youtubeONSTRIKE

We’re going to send a message to Youtube, Google, and the advertisers…. if we need to take longer than a week.. then so be it. Maybe even 1 month without video making might get the message across.

Youtube “heroes” given special access… mass flagging of videos…. removal of comments without videomaker approval…. and special access to youtube staff that even videomakers do not get!

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