F-35 May Never Be Ready for Combat

F-35 May Never Be Ready for Combat:

But it looks cool. I guess.

For the record I have spoken to people in the business who swear that in the end the F-35 will be a fantastic fighting system.

I’m not so sure. I’m not the only one.

(From POGO.org)

The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program is the most expensive procurement program in Pentagon history. It’s been plagued by schedule delays, gross cost overruns, and a slew of underwhelming performance reviews. Last month the Air Force declared its variant “ready for combat,” and most press reports lauded this as a signal that the program had turned a corner. But a memo issued from the Pentagon’s top testing official, based largely upon the Air Force’s own test data, showed that the Air Force’s declaration was wildly premature.

Dr. Michael Gilmore’s latest memorandum is damning. The F-35 program has derailed to the point where it “is actually not on a path toward success, but instead on a path toward failing to deliver the full Block 3F capabilities for which the Department is paying almost $400 billion.” The 16-page memo,first reported by Tony Capaccio at Bloomberg and then by others, details just how troubled this program is: years behind schedule and failing to deliver even the most basic capabilities taxpayers, and the men and women who will entrust their lives to it, have been told to expect.

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“F-35 May Never Be Ready for Combat.” Dan Grazier & Mandy Smithberger, Pogo.org, 2016-09-09.

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