F-35 Lightning: The Joint Strike Fighter Program – Aug 26, 2016 Update

F-35 Lightning: The Joint Strike Fighter Program:

August 26/16: Issues with weapons integration on the F-35 have been found and could hinder an operational capabilities declaration external link, according to the Pentagon’s director of operational test and evaluation (DOT&E) . Challenges include the possibility, when the jet fires its 25mm cannon, that the aircraft could yaw as the gun door opens, reducing accuracy. Testing last December also threw up issues with AIM-9X missiles on the F-35C. Here testers found excess stress on the carrier-variant’s wing structure during landings and certain maneuvers. This could have an impact on the wing structure and might warrant a redesign on that part of the wing.

$313 million is the price that Canada would have to pay external link if it is to exit from the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program.

H/t reader squodgy:

“Missile Launching over stresses the wings on the Carrier based version, and the cannon causes the plane to yaw (vere off course) when opened, which compromises accuracy.

In other words it still is not fit for purpose, is cleaning the US & UK taxpayer out and looks like it will be a perpetual golden goose for the Military Industrial Complex.

But the plan for war with Russia, will at least spread funds to different allocations.”

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1 thought on “F-35 Lightning: The Joint Strike Fighter Program – Aug 26, 2016 Update”

  1. New levels of incompetence.

    Firstly, for the last fifty years, in the absence of real combat, new aircraft were always tested annually against simulated enemies in ‘combat’ competitions in Nevada, with many foreign ally “enemies” playing the role creditably.The same being reciprocated in Oz & Europe.

    Secondly, if this very expensive aircraft is lost in combat in enemy territory, with irretrievable black boxes etc, how the hell will they learn anything to actually see what needs fixing?

    Only an idiot sends an untested and glitch ridden weapon to war, unless….they have no option…..Doh!



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