Mini Ice Age: History Shows Global Cooling Is Coming, Not Increased Warming! (Video)



When going back and looking at chart data on the Atmosphere’s CO2 Concentration in the Ice Core samples, The Climax of each upward shift in concentration matched the data for increase in temperature. The exact same thing happened when it decreased, the temperatures decreased as well. The charts are strikingly similar in terms of chart data spikes.

What this also shows, is something the Main Stream seems not to want to speak on much. It Shows a Massive Cooling trend coming in the near future in terms of thousands of years. In the past 400,000 years or so, each time the ppmv of concentration reached between 279 and 300, it was followed by a massive cooling trend. This pattern has repeated over and over again, as you can see in the charts. Right now we currently sit at a record amount of over 400 parts per million. If the charts shows us anything, its that we are at the tip of one of these spikes right now. And as the earth has done many times before, it looks like it is about to correct itself and send in a cooling period. One that could happen quickly and last for tens of thousands of years. This all being small scale to a large scale Ice Age, That would last hundreds of thousands of years.

Also make note of the drastic temperature drops. Some of the events brought about a temperature drop of around 12 degrees C globally.

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