Researcher Dr. Alan MacDonald Finds Nematode Worms In Alzheimer’s Brains



New findings by Dr. Alan MacDonald released today on the Dr. Paul H Duray Website (Pathology Research Fellowship)

Earlier Alan MacDonald reported in over 100 Harvard Alzheimer’s Brain Bank samples (see F1000 site) that Alzheimer’s amyloid plaques are associated with Borrelia biofilms, often with Borrelia miyamotoi a Relapsing Fever Borrelia not picked up with Lyme serology testing.

Then in 2016 Alan showed a high percentage of MS patients had Nematode parasites in their spinal Fluids. (using trichrome stain and Ethidium Bromide blue)

After seeing the nematodes in MS, Alan went back to the Alzheimer’s tissue samples and stained for Nematodes. Alan found Nematodes in Alzheimer’s brains and that the Nematodes contained Borrelia in their gut.

Then Alan showed that Nematodes shed fecal debris in Alzheimer’s brains.

Now using a stain specifically for cytokeratin a protein never found in human brain, Alan found more evidence of both nematodes in Alzheimer’s brains and Nematode eggs. The cytokeratin is an excellent stain for Nematodes and this work clinches the observed presence of Nematodes in many Alzheimer’s brain samples.

The results were confirmed by others and the samples were screened by Harvard. Below are Alan’s brief comments.


Cytokeratin POSITIVE Parasites
Have Never before been reported in Brain.

The rounded structures are actually Eggs of the Nematodes
which have invaded the Alzheimer’s autopsy brain.

It couldn’t be more clearly presented.

Special thanks to my colleagues at McClain Laboratories who performed quality control on the stains, and did the Immuno-Histochemistries for Cytokeratin immunostains in the Harvard Brain Bank autopsy tissues from five patients with Braak Stage VI Alzheimer’s Disease.

( Pathology diagnoses all ratified by Harvard Medical School
Faculty in Neuropathology, and consultants at the
Harvard Brain Tissue Resource Center, Belmont, Massachusetts.)

This is a huge Evidentiary Step forward in Alzheimer’s Disease
pathobiology. Parasitic Infestations of Human Brain can be treated
with Veterinary type Antiparasitic medications.

A clear superhighway to the solution and to the humane treatment
of Alzheimer’s Disease, is now at hand.

All good wishes,







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2 thoughts on “Researcher Dr. Alan MacDonald Finds Nematode Worms In Alzheimer’s Brains”

  1. I am a mother of two daughter,s, both diagnosed with MS. Both raised in the country (Ireland) together. Eldest is 49 had MS symptoms for 13 yrs, youngest diagnosed 2yrs. aged 38 yrs.
    My husband (retired microbiologist) and I live in Ireland and are most interested in your findings.
    We had a small-holding where we raised our family of four children, two girls and two boys.
    I find it hard to understand how two children in my family have this disease and would be very pleased if you would reply.
    Yours truly,
    Judith Robinson


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