7 thoughts on “Brexit Explained (In One Cartoon)”

  1. The UK Property Funds, are so exposed by overvaluations and London newbuild cost over-runs, the problem is a ticking time bomb as world demand grinds to a halt exposing the bare bones of the investments the old slush funds would have camouflaged.

    Just like Deutsche Bank, the pain will be inevitable.

    Funding/cash flow will slow to a trickle as the inevitable manifests itself.


  2. As predicted, Brexit WILL be used to trigger the economic collapse starting with a UK Banks “Bail Out” followed by a “Bail in” as the snowball of economic inactivity gathers momentum.

    Brexit is the perfect ploy, even though it won’t happen as the 52% had hoped.

    Ignorance of the internal workings of the PTB have made us all look stupid, but will we learn?



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