The 10 most popular websites that consistently LIE about important health topics

The 10 most popular websites that consistently LIE about important health topics:

There is nothing worse than doing research for which you don’t get paid, and then finding out that it’s not even valid! What if you wrote a whole thesis paper for college, only to find out that all of your research was based on lies and propaganda? How about if you did hours and hours of homework for a sick relative, to help them try to overcome some major illness, and then figured out later that you had given them a boatload of bad advice? How upsetting would that be?

Millions of Americans are growing to distrust medical doctors, dentists, dermatologists and oncologists, mainly because we’re all finding out that most of them are paid big bucks by Big Pharma to dish out chemical medicines that only cover up and relieve symptoms of deeper rooted illnesses. What’s worse, most of these sicknesses, diseases and disorders are preventable, if only we all had the right resources for research and self-investigation.

Medical doctors learn next to nothing about nutrition in school. Dentists push toxic fluoride for “stronger teeth,” and insert highly toxic mercury “amalgam” silver fillings in the mouths of our children. Dermatologists use “cut and burn” methods to try to eradicate cancer, when most skin cancer is caused by consuming toxic foods, applying toxic lotions and using carcinogenic personal care products. Oncologists push deadly chemotherapy, mammograms, CAT scans, surgery and radiation for cancer treatment, when most cancer spreads in the blood, and when those treatments create new cancers anyway.

So, what do people do when they figure all of that out? They try to look up their health problems online, and find solutions like home remedies, organic food, herbal tinctures and indigenous medicines that have worked for centuries, even millennia. But then, those same do-it-yourself, innocent people get derailed by the hacks, hucksters, shills and charlatans of Big Food, Big Pharma and Biotechnology, who mislead and misinform them on purpose, with information that at first glance, looks legitimate. Wonderful and amazing natural cures are wrongfully discredited and denounced, while the most toxic foods and medicines are purported to be beneficial by means of mass media propaganda written by evil corporations.

Here are the 10 most popular websites that consistently LIE about important health topics

#1. WebMD: Ready to choose between poisons for your health ills? That’s WebMD. Want to find out which chemicals will cover up your symptoms of chronic pain from eating the wrong foods? That’s WebMD. Want to buy a dangerous stomach pump device for weight loss that doesn’t work? Go to WebMD. Looking for depression or anxiety medication that makes you want to commit suicide? Check WebMD. Like being lied to about hoax viruses like Zika and Swine? Peruse WebMD.

#2. Wikipedia: Want research written by Pharma hacks on a website founded and funded by porn-industry money from a porno-king named Jimmy Wales? That’s Wikipedia. Like being coerced into quack therapies for preventable diseases that make matters worse, fast? Just look up your health problems on Wikipedia, the ultimate quack-info internet hub.

#3. Want to know who spreads diseases while claiming to prevent them? Check the CDC’s own website. Who pays scientists to cover up a major cause of autism and spreads propaganda to scare people into injecting known neurotoxins into their children? That’s the Center for Disease Continuance and Propaganda, a.k.a. the “CDC.”

#4. Interested in the number one news outlet that pays chemical agriculture shills top dollar to lie about GMOs and say they’re great for the environment and 100 percent safe for humans to consume? Meet, the ultimate online shill-shack that sinks to the depths of yellow journalism with rogue writers who lie, lie, lie about health topics, like the infamous charlatan and biotech huckster Mr. Jon Entine.

#5. Want to read the most pathetic Monsanto propaganda spewed by one of their favorite hacks and self-proclaimed food columnists, Tamar Haspel? Check the Washington Post, but don’t “consume” too much, or you might find yourself on your knees, worshiping at the porcelain altar (puking in your toilet from disgust).

#6. (a.k.a. Evidence-Based Medicine): Think everything “peer reviewed” is the truth? Think again. The liars love to use the words “science-based” and “evidence-based” to spread propaganda about GMOs and toxic Western medicine.

#7. Center for Biotechnology Information (CBI): All the language that describes organic food and sustainable agriculture is bastardized by the chemical agriculture giants and used as misinformation to push GMOs all over the world. Don’t fall for CBI’s lies!

#8. Genetic Literacy Project: Want to take advice from a man who, according to court documents, choked his wife in front of his teenage daughter? Another paid Monsanto shill says eating chemicals is good for you, always! Thanks a lot you freak!

#9. (Prevention Magazine): This one’s tricky. While Prevention has many articles that warn about GMOs and toxic food ingredients, they also promote GMO products right and left (for advertising revenue obviously). They also promote Big Food propaganda. The site repeatedly recommends visiting MDs and dermatologists for advice, who in turn recommend chemical medicines and chemical skin care that exacerbates cancer, inflammation and common health problems.

#10. This website is designed to discredit every natural health practitioner and natural remedy that works for real. A Big Pharma puppet named Stephen Barrett spews hate regularly at this hub of lies.

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