Jim Rogers Warns “Governments Plan Is To Destroy The People Who Save”

Jim Rogers Warns “Governments Plan Is To Destroy The People Who Save”:

“Everybody should be worried.. and be prepared,” warns legendary investor Jim Rogers, as he sees the market “facing a bigger collapse than in 2008,” and the central banks will be unable to kick the can much longer. “This is the first time in recorded history where you have Central Banks & governments setting out to destroy the people who save & invest,” Rogers exclaims and “the markets are telling us that something is wrong – we’re getting close.”

“The central bankers haven’t given up yet… they think they are smarter than you and me and the market… they’re not!”

Full interview with FutureMoneyTrends below…

Detailed breakdown

  • 1:20 Is this Market Crash Different?
  • 5:00 Cashless Society – it gives ‘them’ more control, it is bad for you and me. There is now way to exit from this.
  • 7:20 Crash will be Bigger – eventually the market is going to say “enough is enough”
  • 8:40 Gold – going much higher, may be opportunity to buy more lower first
  • 10:10 2016 Election, Donald Trump
  • 11:20 Where Jim is Investing – Short US equities, Short Junk bonds, Shorting Europe into rally
  • 12:30 China’s Economy
  • 17:30 One investment over five years, sugar or rice or Russian Ruble

* * *

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