BERLIN, Germany: Controversial asylum package may be impotent

08/02/2016 – BERLIN, Germany – Controversial asylum package may be impotent

The German government’s much-debated Asylum Package II, a raft of measures to give Berlin more control over the migrant crisis may fail to deliver because it has been poorly worded. One of the main measures set out is a temporary halt on the right to family reunion, in which asylum-seeker unaccompanied children can apply to have the German government fly their families over because of the human right to family life.

The enormous number of unaccompanied youths — which includes anyone under age of 18 — has led to an even greater number as relatives to the youths are shipped to Germany, prompting the change to get migrant numbers down for 2016. Yet the fact the majority of unaccompanied minors don’t register as asylum seekers and instead are given tolerated foreigner status means only 105 minors properly registered in 2015 would actually be affected by the change, reports Die Welt.


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