Seismic Activity in Chile Is Breaking Records

Seismic Activity in Chile Is Breaking Records:

There are Class 4 & 5 quakes virtually every ten minutes in Northern Chile. This is another world class major rupture in the Earth’s crust, this is this year’s Great Event. I think that Chile is very lucky that the rupture is “slowly” cracking the Earth with frequent comparatively modest activity rather than more dramatically breaking the crust in a Class 9 mega-event.

Quake activity is propagating in other locations in South America, Central, and North America along the western edges.

As predicted here and nowhere else, a Class 4 struck today on the Juan De Fuca plate margin off the northwestern tip of Canada’s Vancouver Island. (I can not predict exact locations nor magnitudes, only the higher than average probability of increased quake activity in certain regional zones based on pattern sequence of seismic activity originating in the Mid Atlantic Great Rift).

I suspect very strongly that more quakes are coming.on the western edge of the Americas during the next 12 days.

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  1. Living twelve years in a coastal rain forest in Northern CA taught me many things. First, how small we are in the scheme of things, we are so tiny, yet think the world is ours for the taking.

    The earth is so big, and so alive. It continues its changes without heeding the will of man. Volcanoes, fires, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis…….we get them all, the world is far more powerful than we are. The Indians understood we belong to the earth, it does not belong to us. Screw it up, and it will simply wash us away as easily as we might wash ants off a sink……

    The earth is growing and changing. If it moves slower than we do, its movements can transform our lives overnight.


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