Greek PM Alexis Tsipras To Resign; New Elections Set For September 20


Greek PM Alexis Tsipras To Resign; New Elections Set For September 20 (ZeroHedge, Aug 20, 2015):


“Greek state broadcaster ERT is reporting that the embattled prime minister will announce the vote later today. The PM has been meeting with government officials this afternoon and could resign from office having called the vote. September 13 and 20 have been touted as possible dates.”

Wow …

Now if Greece will leave NATO (Grexit) and then will expand its territorial waters from 6 to 12 nautical miles (which is the standard width of territorial waters that countries are customarily entitled to) and Turkey will start a war with Greece because of that, then we are clearly on the road to WW3 as seen by the seer I’ve mentioned here (“We Have A Civil War”: Inside Turkey’s Descent Into Political, Social, And Economic Chaos):

Just a day ago somebody has sent me an interesting ebook.

The book is not available in English and I’ve only ‘scanned’ through it so far.

I know remote viewing (of the present, past and future) is possible and real.

So the following might be as well real or becoming real.

The author, of the above mentioned book, met an interesting seer, who does not want to be known.

(If all of this is real or becoming real then she probably learned a lesson or two from history and what happened to other seers that were spot on).

Here is what is said about Turkey: “Turkey will explode!” … under Erdogan.

The author says that that civil war will break out in Turkey following a terror attack that will kill 3000.

It gets worse, … “The civil war will be worse than in Syria.”

(There is more happening in between here, that seems highly unlikely at first, but if Greece and Turkey would leave NATO, which is possible, then it could happen that way.)

… before it gets much worse: “Turkey will be destroyed by Russia.”

There are many different seers. There is one who saw and accurately described smartphones, drones and the collapse of the euro in his visions a loooong time before they came into existence. He see saw all of this in his visions of the future and he too described how WW3 will break out and he saw this in his visions before, during and shortly after WW2.

All these seers saw a lot more than what is mentioned here.

I let you know more when I see something of relevance to those prophecies happening in our reality.

So really ALL OF THIS, what we now see unfold right before our eyes, might have been planned by the power elite or Illuminati in advance, as they control everything and everybody to execute their agenda at will.

And they did so before.

The French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, WW1 and WW2 have all been planned by them, which is why …

We Are On Our Own



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