Dollar Tumbles As Fed Rate Hike Suddenly Looking Very Uncertain To Goldman, Bank Of America

Dollar Tumbles As Fed Rate Hike Suddenly Looking Very Uncertain To Goldman, Bank Of America (ZeroHedge, Aug 12,  2015):

After China’s shocking currency devaluation, which some more conspiratorially-minded observers have concluded was China’s retaliation to the west for the IMF’s recent snub that pushed back China’s evaluation for inclusion into the SDR to some indefinite point in 2016, the only question on everyone’s mind is whether the Fed will delay or outright cancel any imminent “data-dependent” rate hikes as a result of the implicit tightening of monetary conditions thanks to China, and the dramatic appreciation of the USD which would not have taken place without China.

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  1. FED rate hike looking unlikely? Perhaps. They no longer make any moves to protect the US economy; there is no free press to force them into it……

    The dollar is losing traction around the world as the growth of the use of electronic currencies makes it clearer to all that the entire concept of a world reserve currency is rapidly becoming obsolete.

    Wait until that truth penetrates the corporate controlled media shield that prevents the US citizens from realizing that fact……Wait until the truth reaches the main supporters in the west, the Euro, US and Japan………Even Canada has adopted the electronic currency, and has joined BRICS……

    This “recession” is a depression which has ignored the plight of millions since 2008-09. One other thing that has been ignored, the growing movement of economic growth eastward to Russia, India, Iran, Saudi Arabia, ETC. Also the growth in BRICS and the number of nations who have abandoned the dollar…….

    Westerners slept too long and allowed fools to take over. Now, we are engulfed in bureaucratic incompetence, and have only ourselves to blame…….

    The overt manipulation of the DOW top 30 stocks in the NYSE has grown to epic proportions over the last few weeks, and I have followed it since I was a very young girl….My dad had me playing the market long before I was old enough to vote……..He also taught me to monitor the activities of the markets as economic indicators…….Today’s market would sicken and disgust him even more than it does me, if that is possible.

    Last week, I think Wednesday last, the DOW closed at 4PM EDT 151 points down. Fifteen minutes later, it had been adjusted down to -91 points. That translates into 60 billion dollars, and I have seen the market adjusted by a few points (1-5) after closing, but 60???? Nobody asked a single question……Nobody said a word.

    It happened again a few days later……again, nothing was said. This latest manipulation game is so blatant, and so obvious to anyone watching……The silence is deafening. Silence like this comes from one main source, fear. Fear of the established financial powers, and fear of a huge economic crash. Fear is a terrible reason to hide the truth. If history has taught us nothing, it ought to have shown us all that one…….

    We are in the midst of a world economic collapse. We don’t need financial prophets of doom to set dates, it has been going on for a long time. The Debt kingdom of the Euro is on the skids. Today, one of the chief financial leaders of the UK, also a member of the House of Lords, was openly discussing the UK’s consideration of leaving the Euro….Their poor stewardship tells the UK the Euro is sliding in value…….The British are always too smart to buy into fool ideas like the Euro with nothing but ink behind its paper……

    The crash of the western powers, the US, Euro, Japan, and China is going to impact the rest of the world with suffering, including South and Central America.

    The entire west, including Japan and the US is moving south with the Euro. China, thanks to its foolish adoption of all corruption American, is sliding downhill, too. China, however, will recover because of its ties to the emerging eastern economy, including BRICS. Russia, India, Brazil, South Africa and other eastern nations will emerge as the new economic powers. China will be solid due to its ownership of all of corporate America’s trade secrets given them by the craven leaders of these companies…….From America, and to a lesser extent, the Euro, they won’t need much.

    BRICS will save African economies, South and Central America, Canada, and Australia……But, for the west, especially the US,there will be no mercy.

    We rode the rest of the world too hard and caused millions of unnecessary deaths in our fool quest for world domination. German history could have warned us, but our leaders are fools……


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