Emerging Market Mayhem: Gross Warns Of “Debacle” As Currencies, Bonds Collapse

Emerging Market Mayhem: Gross Warns Of “Debacle” As Currencies, Bonds Collapse (ZeroHedge, Aug 6, 2015)

Things are getting downright scary in emerging markets as a “triple unwind” in credit, Chinese leverage, and loose US monetary policy wreaks havoc across the space. Between a prolonged slump in commodity prices and a structural shift towards weaker global trade, the situation could worsen materially going forward.

3 thoughts on “Emerging Market Mayhem: Gross Warns Of “Debacle” As Currencies, Bonds Collapse”

  1. No surprise here. One cannot go on manipulating the markets and currencies forever…………………
    I think we are in for some bad times; for the first time, I am glad to be old and sick……..
    Thanks for covering the truth, most media covers junk.

  2. What goes up must come down….the simple laws of common sense and gravity. Greedy guts have decided to buck both these simple rules and keep grabbing…….now the holes are obvious to all.

    China allowing people to put up their houses to buy stock on margin is insane, yet so is the ongoing cheap money in the US for greedy gut bankers…….A lady was telling me she and her husband are seeking to buy another house one day……She was mixing up the FED rate and mortgage levels…….

    What can we say?
    Let the buyer beware, be it money, real estate, or bonds.

  3. Everything we look at is now just SMOKE & MIRRORS.

    Think about it.

    The markets, the wars, the TPP, China’s Economy, Unemployment, Growth, Vaccines, GMO & GMO labelling, Pandemics like Bird Flu & Ebola, Aggressive Policing and Racist Policing, Paedophilia in politics, Bankster Corruption, Political bribery & corruption…..and so on.

    We are suffering from debauchery on a scale not seen since the collapse of the Roman Empire.



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