AND NOW: Flight MH370 Wreckage Found, Close To Madagascar


H/t reader squodgy:

“How about this for classic disinfo ???”


Flight MH370 Wreckage Found, Close To Madagascar (ZeroHedge, July 29, 2015):

16 Months after Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 disappeared off the coast of Malaysia, The Telegraph reports that fragments of a wing washed up in the French island of Reunion (near Madagascar) could be wreckage from the missing plane, according to an aviation expert.

MH370 search: Boeing 777 wing that could match missing plane found on French island of Reunion (Independent, July 29, 2015)

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    • To squodgy,

      And I would post it, IF it wasn’t from her …

      “Exclusive News Story By Deborah Dupré”.

      We already had an ‘exchange’.

      I would only post a link to her articles (she would not allow more), if the information could directly save the lives of my readers.

      Other than that I do not want to post anything from her.

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