Fed “ACCIDENTALLY” Released Dovish Confidential Market-Moving Forecasts, Blames “Glitch”


Fed “Accidentally” Released Dovish Confidential Market-Moving Forecasts, Blames “Glitch”  (ZeroHedge, July 24, 2015):

First The ‘unaudited’ Fed leaks its FOMC minutes. Then they leak ‘inside-information’ to Nikkei’s latest addition, Medley Global advisors (and remain “above the law” with regard consequences. And now, The Fed admits it leaked full blown confidential economic projections (due to a code glitch), whose summary assessment is shown below as per the leaked file.


3 thoughts on “Fed “ACCIDENTALLY” Released Dovish Confidential Market-Moving Forecasts, Blames “Glitch””

  1. Total BOLLOCKS

    Despite the given facts that that all markets are manipulated, every Nation has overspent & is insolvent, and all National Debts, after taking into account bonds, derivatives & public/private equity fudge deals, are unrepayable for at least 100 years, assuming we return to normality, the evidence points to a default/collapse/re-structuring which, by definition requires a war in order to fudge the facts to convince the morons of the need to cancel currencies etc.

    Nobody is buying. World commodity prices are rock bottom. Even precious metals have crashed. The BDI, a reliable indicator of real shipping needs has bottomed for three years.

    It is so surreal & unsustainable that logic no longer applies….Joe BigMac still lives normally on his foodstamps. The media hide the homeless & unemployed, figures of which are constantly adjusted down while soup kitchens and food halls see record attendance.

    But the can keeps being kicked down the road. Several reporters have been predicting chaos, riots, starvation and so on, but reality has hidden it…..WHY????

    Because the shit won’t hit the fucking fan until the Rothschild Banksters say it’s OK…..So there.

    When they’re ready….it will start.

    • Or visually …

      He, who must not be named, …

      Lord Rothschild

      … will press this button …


      … and then it begins …

      George Soros As The Fighting Uruk-hai With Jacob Rothschild As Saruman

      Will the people ever wake up to the evil that is destroying their lives and fight back?

      Maybe …

      One thing for sure: TPTB will not go down without a fight


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