Norwegian experts baffled by freak downpour

Norwegian experts baffled by freak downpour (Ice Age Now, July 16, 2015):

More than a month’s worth of rain in one hour.

“This just does not happen in Norway, we have a hard time believing that it’s true,”  Geir Ottar Fagerli, a government meteorologist, told NRK. “It’s not that we doubt the observations, but it is absolutely amazing.”

“These are figures ​​that you only normally see in the jungle,” he continued,

Kristin Wåtland Delbekk, a farmer and tourist guide who has lived in the village for 28 years said that she had never seen anything like it.

“It was horrible,” she told The Local. “The animals were really afraid, the cows don’t understand what was happening.”

The area, about 80 miles north of Trondheim, has no monitoring stations, but the downpour almost certainly qualified as a Norwegian record, said Fagerli, who estimates that the country’s unofficial record is probably somewhere between 80-90mm per hour.

Thanks to Kurt Strom, John McCann and John at Bayshore for this link

Maybe the video is right, says John at Bayshore (referring to the video about a 60% Reduction in Solar Activity Means a 5C Drop by 2030).

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