Climate DISINFO: Not ‘If’ But ‘How’: New Study Shows Why All Extreme Weather Is Climate Related

H/t reader squodgy:

“The MSM are totally ignoring the reporting of extreme cold being experienced in the Northern & Southern Hemispheres, and are still churning out garbage for Joe…

Here we have a classic case of climate DISINFO.”

Not ‘If’ But ‘How’: New Study Shows Why All Extreme Weather Is Climate Related (Common Dreams, June 23, 2015):

New research explains why people debating whether or not specific events are caused by climate change have it all wrong.

3 thoughts on “Climate DISINFO: Not ‘If’ But ‘How’: New Study Shows Why All Extreme Weather Is Climate Related”

  1. They have a mantra which must be followed. A bit like when your favourite team are trailing badly in a game, you still sit there blindly convinced they’ll win.

    So it is with the pre-programmed MKULTRA Global wWarming.

    The evidence is we haven’t had any temperature increase in over twelve years.

    Reports of increased ice cover are hidden. This year is recorded as coldest summer so far in decades.

    The mini ice age predictions based on overdue maunder cycles are ignored.

    So now they fudge the evidence and make illogical claims about something they cannot possibly have the knowledge or technology to know about.

    Finally, the unprecedented volcanic activity, especially around the ring of fire, is spewing more sulphur and CO2 into the atmosphere than records show but nothing is said. Such activity being the most recorded precursor of mini ice ages in world history.

    So they churn this confusing crap out.

  2. Agenda 21 calls for “planet sustainability” as explained on the mysterious Georgia Stones.

    But no mention is made of the incessant poisoning and destruction of our planet and its biosphere by the Capitalist based greed mongering GLOBAL CORPORATIONS.

    They have raped the planet on behalf of the BANKSTERS for over two centuries.

    A return to the simplistic and sustainable against the convenient would, in my opinion stop the decline, save our environment and thus ourselves within ten years.

    An opportunity to take control is presenting itself as the next economic collapse is engineered……..kill all demand for the convenience goods.


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