Amsterdam: Pro-Palestinian Group Horrifies Israelis By Showing Disturbing Images Of The Bodies Of Palestinian Children Killed By IDF Soldiers



Graphic anti-Israel display casts shadow over Amsterdam (Ynet, June 9, 2015):

Display posted by pro-Palestinian group horrifies Israelis who report locals, tourists taking literature in interest; ‘It was disgusting and terrible to see.’

Local visitors and tourists in Amsterdam’s Dam Square were welcomed over the weekend by disturbing images of the bodies of Palestinian children supposedly killed by IDF soldiers – images posted by pro-Palestinian activists who also protested Israel in the square.

The display appeared in the famous square in the center of the city under the title “Save the Palestinian Children.” Included in the display was a photo of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu representing Satan with red eyes and the teeth of a vampire dripping with blood over the body of a dead and bleeding Palestinian baby.


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A blue Star of David appeared as a tattoo on the prime minister’s forehead under the title, “Can’t get enough.” A side graphic listed numbers of the dead and wounded in Gaza during a specific time period.

Other photos completed the large display with one showing a Palestinian child standing before an Israeli tank prepared to through a rock at the advancing armored unit.

“If a child throws a stone at a tank that invaded his land and killed his parents, he is a terrorist, but if the tank shoots the child, the tank is defending itself,” read the overlaying text beneath the headline, “Israeli Logics – Logically Illogical.”

Israeli Ambassador to Holland Haim Divon responded to the display saying, “This is indeed appalling, outrageous and repulsive. This is part of the smear campaign that provokes nausea and disgust. Unfortunately there are a number of groups whose hate for Israel knows no limits.

“They don’t raise their voice when atrocities occur daily in our region or elsewhere.” Divon concluded by saying that the embassy was looking at ways to convince the local government to take a firm stance on the issue.

Barack Sigron, an Israeli on a business trip in Holland, ran across the display on Saturday and voiced his shock at what he saw. “Me and lots of other Israelis stood there in shock and couldn’t believe how Israel is shown to the world. A woman stood there and shouted terrible things into a microphone about how Israel is happy to kill children in Gaza and all kinds of crap.

“People who passed by there, including tourists, took their materials. It was just disgusting and terrible to see. I was afraid of getting into a (physical) fight with the organizers; this kind of thing needs to be dealt with in an organized fashion by the state.”








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