Queen Hillary Puts ‘Everyday American’ In Her Proper Place

Queen Hillary To Adoring Subject: ‘Go To The End Of The Line’ (The Daily Caller, June 1, 2015)

1 thought on “Queen Hillary Puts ‘Everyday American’ In Her Proper Place”

  1. This woman is an idiot. She has adopted the worst policies of G.W. Bush & Mitt Romney…..ignoring people, only being present in hand picked groups, refusing to answer questions about her behavior, viewpoints………..If the democrats are fool enough to run her, the GOP will get the white house.e
    She is also too stupid and arrogant to realize the game of inevitability is the same one she played in 2008……..and Obama cleaned her clock……..

    I have talked with a number of committed democrats and if she is the candidate, they will not vote for her. I have spoken with independents who will go with that clown, Paul, first…….what a nightmare that would be…

    She better look again, Bernie Sanders is moving forward, there is a huge grass roots movement to get a modern FDR…..no more corporate creeps…..Obama was a bitter disappointment for millions. His betrayal of all who ever supported him has left a nasty taste in the mouths of millions, and a rotten clinton is not a viable alternative.

    I wish the old bag would just go away…….The same ugly retreads jump into the fray every election season….they don’t know or care about this nation or its people………just going for their own power and aggrandizement.

    There is a silent majority in this country…..Over 93 million working age Americans are suffering long term unemployment. The trade deal that just passed the senate will put another 40% of American jobs at risk. Things are getting worse, not better. Just track the weekly “initial jobless claims” that comes out every Thursday morning, and is buried and hidden by 10AM. Do that for a month or two…….

    I believe the disaffected in this country are the same ones behind Bernie Sanders……………….


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