It’s Official: The BoJ Has Broken The Japanese Stock Market

 –  It’s Official: The BoJ Has Broken The Japanese Stock Market (ZeroHedge, May 13, 2015):

Monetizing the entirety of gross government bond issuance and amassing an equity portfolio worth just shy of $100 billion on the way to cornering the entire ETF market may come across as insanely irresponsible even in a world that is now defined by insanely irresponsible central banks, but Haruhiko Kuroda does not care because when it comes to QE and the financing of governments via central bank-assisted ponzi schemes, no one does it like the BoJ.

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  1. Japan is finished. Radiation from Fukushima has destroyed its countryside, its crops, exports and commerce. Not one word is spoken about the true cause, so they just lie, and say everything is great.
    Japan is now mired in debt, something new for them. They are rebuilding their military, so obviously intend to attack other nations to grab some wealth to take home…….Their country is ruined for all time.
    Another 6.8 earthquake hit in the Fukushima area this week, it was described as any and everything without using the name Fukushima.
    They are finished. They can screw around with money and its supply all they want…….the country has been destroyed by radioactive poisons. It has also poisoned the Pacific, the west coast of the Americas………….and it continues to get hotter.


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