Icepack levels growing rapidly to RECORD levels at the South Pole — North Pole still frozen solid – (May 9, 2015)

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“It really looks like they’ve achieved their aim of weather control with ten years to spare.
But they seem to be successfully keeping the lid on this……..not unlike Fukushima….”


5/09/2015 — Icepack levels growing rapidly to RECORD levels at the South Pole — North Pole still frozen solid (DutchSinse, May 9, 2015):

Last year, in 2014, there were record levels of ice (and record area covered) at the South Pole / Antarctica.

It wasn’t just conjecture, or hearsay, NASA actually confirmed last years levels as being an all time high.

This past summer at the South Pole, not as much melting occurred as we would normally expect to see a large melt-off over the summer month.   The record ice pack from last year did not fully melt, thus it was left to re-freeze this year.

Now going into winter at the South Pole (May 2015), and we see the continent of Antarctica already shrouded on all sides by ice pack extending nearly 1,000 miles out from its coast in some places.


Icepack levels are growing rapidly to be beyond last years RECORDS levels at the South Pole… now going into winter, we see the icepack growing out very far from Antarctica — looks like this year will be even greater than last year.

Here is a screenshot of the record icepack from last year, October 2014, clearly this year of 2015 (seen above) is on track to beat out last years record levels :



Meanwhile, the North pole remains frozen solid, extending far South now going into late spring, and early summer come June.

Clearly things are changing. Global warming now replaced by rapid cooling, and record ice levels.

In other news, snow storms hitting the central midwest and Rocky Mountain states in the US.


See the icepack levels for yourself, and compare to past years here:

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