California’s ‘Unprecedented’ Drought In Pictures

California’s “Unprecedented” Drought In Pictures (ZeroHedge, May 8, 2015):

California’s drought has reached epic proportions, prompting Governor Jerry Brown and state water regulators to adopt “unprecedented” (and some say draconian) measures to counter what is perhaps the only example of a liquidity crisis more acute than that which investors face in secondary bond markets.


Cities will be forced to cut consumption by as much as 36%, a mandate that is expected to cost utilities upwards of $1 billion, lost revenue which, as we noted earlier this week, will promptly be recouped in the form of higher prices for any consumer who isn’t a MotherFracker.

So with the state preparing to crack down on “wasters” in the form of $10,000 fines, and with more than 12 million dead trees greatly increasing the chances that wildfires could spread out of control, we bring you the drought in pictures:


We’ll leave you with the following rather somber assessment from a professor of public policy at USC (via Politico):

“Politicians are paying attention, because some people — mainly the media and interest groups — are paying attention,” said Sherry Bebitch Jeffe, a professor of public policy at the University of Southern California. “But I’m not at all sure it’s really hitting home yet with the average voter. When they start to see rate increases, and fines for overuse, and brown lawns, then they will be paying a lot of attention. I think the politicians are smart to be trying to get ahead of it, because this is the new normal. We are a desert, and we should have remained a desert.”

5 thoughts on “California’s ‘Unprecedented’ Drought In Pictures”

  1. My great grandfather came to CA sailing around the Horn in 1849… people have been here ever since. I have lived here all my life……a long one…..and have never seen anything this terrible. Even worse, I have never seen a government so sick and deep in denial as this one.

    People compare this to the 1970s……I was in college then, and compared to this one, it was nothing. Our government urged us to stop watering, conserve, and we did….and it ended.

    March, 2011, Fukushima happened and nothing was done. Our beaches are destroyed, full of barnacles instead of sea shells. Our fish are dead and/or radioactive. The heat from nuclear fallout is obvious, but not one word is said. Instead, they urge investment in Japan…..regardless it is a dead country thanks to nuclear technology.

    This site is one of the only ones with the courage to cover this ongoing disaster. US media says nothing, and the corporate interests focused on taking over the world play along. There will soon be nothing to take over, but they won’t accept that reality because they are consumed by greed.

    Our crops and soil have been poisoned, and as a result, they are dying. The same for our water, the oceans and air. The heat from this ongoing disaster continues to increase as the fallout increases, just as scientists warned it would. Yet, not a word is said. Instead, they fill the airwaves with obfuscation and tabloid.

    It has been about 85 years since the splitting of the atom……and we are destroyed thanks to fools and greedy guts taking this terrible technology and running with it to make money.

    This “drought” is directly related to Fukushima, and it will not go away. I am no scientist, but I remember what we were taught about nuclear fallout, and I am certain these events are connected.

    This “drought” is also getting little coverage and response……thanks for all you do.

  2. From the New York Times, the US is urging Greece to turn away from Russian money…….
    Russia wants the use of Greece’s ports……one is the third largest in Europe, and would be a valuable asset to sell Russian goods in Europe, so giving some much needed cash to Greece makes sense. Russia is the one player that can afford to loan Greece money, and they would get it back with the use of their ports……
    US cannot afford to loan to anyone, but here they are trying to stop Putin’s inexorable move into the center of the world stage……Good luck is all I can say.

  3. Everyone ‘dances’ around the real problem — but NO one will come out and state that problem using real logic. Simply put, as is true with many of the world’s locations… even Las Vegas, and parts of Japan, Asia, etc., the planet’s resources CANNOT keep pace with the human population. Humans are destroying, stripping, and polluting all earth’s resources, including rainforests, rivers, wetlands, grasslands, hardwood forests, and oceans. And, there is only one fix for that. But humans are slow to learn that fact. That inability to admit the problem will result in the demise of the planet. And no amount of money will make a difference. The difference will and must, involved population control or controlled breeding.


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