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12 thoughts on “Donations In March”

  1. The implications of a Super-volcano being triggered are mind boggling.

    One would have thought the US Government would take the possibility into account when waging war around the world.

    Unfortunately, it is the little people who would suffer from such a catastrophe….

    Or is it all part of the PTB Agenda 21 Plan, and this is a hint to prompt preppers?


    The Taliban were the ones who tried to eradicate both Opium & Marijuana production.

    This starved the CIA of its main income source needed to fund covert ‘black ops’.

    Invading Afghanistan had no purpose other than to reinstate that income flow.

    This article is pure disinfo apart from the fact that it was and still is a cash cow for the Military Industrial Complex.

  3. At last….some truth about Germanwings.

    The Charlie Hebdo event in France was a shot across the FRENCH bows by the PTB/israelis/Rothschilds to stop asking for sanctions on Russia to be eased & stop harping over the non delivery of the Helicopter Assault Ships.

    Germany has been adopting a similar stance…i.e. the Minsk Agreement.

    So…..BINGO….let’s let Germany know where they can go.


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