McDonald’s Assaults Reporter Asking About McNugget Ingredients (Video)

McDonald’s Assaults Reporter Asking About McNugget Ingredients (Natural Society, March 17, 2015):

7 police officers called in response

What does it take to get physically removed from McDonald’s? Apparently, as I found out, all it takes is to ask one of their employees about what’s actually inside their McNuggets. It even resulted in a whopping 7 police officers at the scene to ‘escort’ me off their property. All for asking about the McNuggets (which I was never able to purchase).

We all know that McDonald’s has been losing money for quite some time, with February being yet another losing month. Even Monsanto is losing the markets. So what is a fast food titan to do? Ultimately, they have begun to push into the ‘younger, fresher’ markets with a new ‘natural’ perspective on their food. That’s why they recently announced a move to remove ‘some’ of the antibiotics from their chicken.

But they aren’t too vocal about the medley of other toxic substances in their food, from GMOs to plastic chemicals. Watch as they throw me out after asking about their McNuggets below in a video collaboration with the Infowars team:

Here are just some of the ingredients found in fast food items:

  • Dimethylpolysiloxane – A chemical known for its use in silicone breast implants, silly putty, and also… chicken nuggets
  • Propylene glycol – A laxative chemical and electronic cigarette filler that even e-cigarette companies are beginning to phase out
  • Azodicarbonamide – A chemical used in the creation of foamed plastic items like yoga mats

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