Boris Nemtsov’s Girls (Photos)

Boris Nemtsov Girls

Nemtsov’s Girls (Fort Russ, Feb 28, 2015):

 Nemtsov’s Girls

Photos from Kagemushanatako’s blog

Comments by J.Hawk

The top picture is, obviously, Anna Duritskaya, Nemtsov’s femme fatale of the last day of his life. The next pictures show Nemtsov in the company of an elite call girl by the name of Nastya Ognyeva, during his “vacation” in Dubai in 2012. While Oleg Lyashko most likely was not in love with Nemtsov, the photo nevertheless shows that Nemtsov fell in with a lot of bad company…Whoever is investigating his murder no doubt has many leads to follow up on.

Media reports indicate Russian law enforcement raided Nemtsov’s apartment searching for evidence that might indicate who his killer(s) might be. It means that all aspects of Nemtsov’s life will be gone through with a fine-tooth comb. I wouldn’t be surprised if we start learning some very interesting things about his political activity and business dealings. If anyone was hoping to create Nemtsov into a martyr, they will most likely obtain the opposite.





In other news:


“So someone killed Boris Nemtsov while the 56 year old man walked with his 22 year old Ukrainian “model” on a bridge in Moscow. There is some CCTV coverage of the crime scene.

As vice-premier under Boris Yeltsin Nemtsov was at least partially responsible for the mafiazation of the Russian economy. Everyone but some oligarchs and the “western” neoliberals was happy when he and the Yeltsin gang had to leave.

After he was kicked out and until yesterday Nemtsov was a very minor opposition politician polling at some 1%. The communists, the real opposition party in Russia, poll at about 20%. No one in the government had reason to care about or fear Nemtsov.”

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