Argentina: Government Supporters Target of Armed Attack

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Government Supporters Target of Armed Attack in Argentina (teleSUR, Feb 26, 2015):

Supporters of the left-wing government of President Fernandez are concerned that a coup is in the making.

A political movement affiliated with the ruling coalition in Argentina was the target of an armed attack Wednesday.

A gunman fired 11 times into the The Evita Movement Cultural and Political Center in the early hours of Feb. 25 causing damages, but no injuries. The center is located a mere 200 meters from the presidential residence of Cristina Fernandez. The Evita Movement is a member of the Front for Victory, currently the ruling coalition in the South American country.

The Argentine human rights secretary denounced the attack and said in a statemen, “These types of acts are at the same time an assault on the full exercise of democracy and political participation.”

Jorge Taina, a leader of the Evita Movement and an early candidate for the presidency, said that this violent incident was an attempt at intimidation, not solely of his group but all those who support the Front for Victory.

The Argentine government and has been the target of a vicious campaign from its enemies who have attempted to link the president to the death of a prosecutor investigating the AMIA bombing case.

Elements of the opposition have claimed that President Fernandez had Alberto Nisman killed as part of a broader cover-up to hide the involvement of Iranian officials in the bombing of a Jewish center in 1994. A judge dismissed those allegations on Thursday, stating that there was not enough evidence to pursue the case.

There is growing speculation among supporters of Fernandez’ government that the opposition is attempting what has been described as a “soft coup” in Argentina. A human rights group compared the situation in Argentina to that of Venezuela, where opposition groups are also seeking to oust the democratically-elected government.

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