Israel Gets Fire Sale Deal on F-35s

F-35 Joint Strike Fighter

 – Israel Gets Fire Sale Deal on F-35s, Upping Numbers | Germany to Lithuania: No Tanks for You (Defense Industry Daily, Feb 23, 2015):

  • Israel will order another 14 F-35sexternal link for $110 million a piece, including logistical support, training, parts and maintenance, which appears to be a much better price than the U.S. itself has been able to manage. The 14 fighters will join an earlier order of 19 jets. An option to acquire 17 more has been secured, bringing the total to 50, which has been Israel’s goal in fielding two squadrons of 25 fighters each.
  • Germany has rejected a request for Boxer tanks from Lithuania, according to Die Weltexternal link (German). The paper cited concerns for Germany’s own preparedness (recently called into question with “rapid reaction” troops found to be operating without rifle barrels during a NATO exercise.)

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